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Date of last inspection: 12th May 2016.
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Annie's SouthShields GuestHouse Choice Of Breakfast Menu Cereals
SouthShields GuestHouse Breakfast Menu Costa Real Coffee

Our Breakfast Menu

Orange juice

Selection of hot drinks - Tea (including decaffeinated, Earl Grey, fruit, green, herbal etc. varieties), Costa® coffee (decaffeinated coffee also available); Costa® cappuccino; Costa® espresso; Costa® latte and Cadbury's® hot chocolate.

Cereals - free-flow, no portion-size packets. Selection available at the time of writing...

Alpen® Swiss-style muesli
Kellogg's® Coco Pops
Kellogg's® Cornflakes
Kellogg's® Crunchy Nut Cornflakes
Kellogg's® Frosties
Kellogg's® Fruit and Fibre
Kellogg's® Rice Crispies
Nestlé® Honey Cheerios
Porridge oats (made water/milk/soy milk as preferred)

Served with semi-skimmed, skimmed or soy milk. Hot milk available on request.

Fresh fruit

Cooked breakfast - You can choose from any of the following items which we will cook fresh for you...

Baked beans in tomato sauce
Black pudding
Eggs - boiled, fried, omelette, poached or scrambled
Fried bread
Grilled bacon
Pork/gluten-free/vegan/vegetarian sausages
Tomatoes - grilled fresh or tinned

(Fried items are cooked separately, all in vegetable oil).

Toast - white, wholemeal/wholewheat, egg/milk/gluten/wheat-free... topped with butter, margarine, honey, jam (apricot, blackcurrant, strawberry and raspberry), marmalade (orange shred, orange shredless, lemon shred), Nutella® and Marmite®.

Condiments - salt, pepper, Heinz® Tomato Ketchup, HP® Brown Sauce and Heniz® English mustard.

Some sample photographs of cooked-to-order breakfasts that we have made for our previous guests...

Fried Egg Sausages Baked Beans And Mushrooms
Wholemeal Toast
Fried Ggg Tinned Tomatoes And Grilled Bacon
Sausage Grilled Bacon Fried Egg Mushrooms Baked Beans
Fried egg, sausages, baked beans and mushrooms
Wholemeal toast
Fried egg over easy, tinned tomatoes and lightly grilled bacon
Sausage, grilled bacon, fried egg, mushrooms and baked beans
Fried Egg Black Pudding Grilled Bacon Baked Beans Sausage
Scrambled Egg Mushrooms Wholemeal Toast
White Toast
Sausage Tinned Tomatoes Mushrooms Grilled Bacon Fried Egg
Fried egg, black pudding, grilled bacon, baked beans and sausage
Scrambled egg and mushrooms on wholemeal toast
White toast
Sausage, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled bacon and fried egg

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