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Lindisfarne aka Holy Island Safe Crossing Times 2012

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If you are staying at our bed and breakfast accommodation this autumn and winter (we are open 365 days a year) then you may be interested in a visit to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne which is situated to the North of us, just off the Northumberland coast.

Lindisfarne Holy Island Causeway

If you are planning a visit to Lindisfarne then please be aware that the island is reached by a causeway that is only accessible at certain times of the day/night – at low tide.

Tide tables are prominently displayed at both ends of the causeway but we have them here so you can plan your visit in advance. Please note that the unsafe crossing times can be extended in stormy weather. Visitors to the island are advised to add on 30 minutes to the unsafe crossing times as one car per month on average is caught by the rising tide – this is almost always a visitor to the island so please do take care and observe the safe crossing periods.

You can see a timelapse video of driving around Lindisfarne aka Holy Island including the causeway here…

The safe and unsafe crossing times for Lindisfarne aka Holy Island for the remainder of 2012 are as follows…

Lindisfarne Holy Island Causeway Safe Crossing Times 201209

Lindisfarne Holy Island Causeway Safe Crossing Times 201210

Lindisfarne Holy Island Causeway Safe Crossing Times 201211

Lindisfarne Holy Island Causeway Safe Crossing Times 201212

If you are looking for bed and breakfast accommodation for your visit to Lindisfarne please see our availability and online booking page.

Room information including photographs can be found on the bedrooms page of our website.

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