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The Marsden Grotto

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If you are staying with us this Halloween weekend then you might want to visit one of the many haunted places in North East England, we’re often asked by guests who stay with us over Halloween for suggestions of places to go so we have made a series of blog posts with all the haunted venues in the North East region that you might like to visit…

Haunted Places In North East England – Marsden Grotto

The Marsden Grotto South Shields NE34 7BS Exterior

The Marsden Grotto, known locally as just the Grotto is the closest haunted location to our bed and breakfast accommodation in South Shields. It can be found less then ten minutes drive from us in Marsden on the Coast Road heading towards Whitburn, NE34 7BS.

The Grotto is a public house and restaurant. It is one of the very few ‘cave bars’ in Europe, it is partly dug into the limestone cliff face. Access is via a lift or a zig zag staircase on the cliff at the side of the building. The Grotto has a long history dating back to 1782 with a reputation for smuggling activities. There are several tales of hauntings at The Grotto, mainly relating to a smuggler named John the Jibber who was reputedly murdered by his fellow criminals after selling information to HM Customs. It is said that he was hung in a barrel in a cave close to the present lift shaft and left to starve. A popular story is that a former landlord of the pub would leave out a special tankard of ale each night after closing and in the morning it would be empty. Local DJ and TV presenter Alan Robson drank from the tankard during one of his live Metro Radio shows, allegedly sparking off a series of supernatural phenomena that eventually forced the then landlord to quit. This included flying ashtrays smashing against the wall and flooding in the cellar after all the beer taps were inexplicably turned on. You can read more about The Marsden Grotto here.

You can see a short British Pathé video filmed inside The Marsden Grotto here…

Several local paranormal investigation teams have held vigils at The Grotto and continue to do so, you can visit their websites here (links open in a new window) if you’d like to take part in a group ghost hunt to the pub…

Haunted Rooms
Ghost North East
Ghost Team
Spirit Seekers

If you are visiting the pub you can see their bar menu here…

The Marsden Grotto South Shields NE34 7BS Bar Menu

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