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If you are staying with us and planning a visit to Sunderland or Durham by public transport then the 20 Prince Bishops 20 20A X20 bus service that links Durham, Sunderland and South Shields.

20 Bus Durham Sunderland South Shields

The #20 Sunderland to/from South Shields bus service is the quickest way to get to/from Sunderland City Centre (Park Lane Interchange), the University of Sunderland (City Scape campus and St Peter’s aka Tom Cowie campus) and the Stadium of Light.

Journey time from South Shields to St Peter’s aka Tom Cowie campus and the Stadium of Light is approximately 15 minutes.

Journey time from South Shields to Sunderland City Centre (Park Lane Interchange) and the University of Sunderland City Scape campus is approximately 20 minutes.

You can view the full new timetable below…

Where to disembark the #20 bus in South Shields…

Fowler Street is where you should disembark the #20 bus upon reaching South Shields. Fowler Street is at the bottom of our street (Beach Road). The Fowler Street bus stop for disembarking the #20 bus can be seen here…

20 Bus Fowler Street South Shields

When you have disembarked the bus at Fowler Street it is a few minutes straight walk along Beach Road to our guest house accommodation.

A map of the walking route can be seen here…

Fowler Street South Shields To Annie's Guest House

‘A’ on the image is the Fowler Street bus stop and ‘B’ on the image is the location of our South Shields guest house.

Where to catch the #20 bus in South Shields to Sunderland…

The image below is centred on South Shields town hall on Westoe Road in South Shields, identifiable by it’s clock tower.

The road above it on the image is Beach Road (shown with a long red line). Turning the corner from Beach Road, walking in front of South Shields town hall, is Westoe Road.

The shorter red line at the bottom of the image is the location of the Sunderland-bound #20 service bus stop on Westoe Road. The shorter red line at the top of the image shows the location of the Fowler Street bus stop, shown previously, where you should disembark the #20 bus service on a Sunderland to South Shields journey.

For South Shields to Sunderland journeys including the Stadium of Light, Sunderland Aquatic Centre, University of Sunderland, Sunderland Royal Hospital, City of Sunderland College’s Bede Campus and Sunderland Park Lane Interchange you should catch the bus on Westoe Road opposite the Britannia Inn.

The short red line at the bottom of the image indicates the location of the Sunderland bus stop.

Annie's Guest House to Westoe Road South Shields

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