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South Tyneside Guide – Landmarks

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The latest 2017 guide to South Tyneside is out. Request your own free 33 page copy of the guide below.

Here is an extract from the latest 2017 guide to South Tyneside…

Cleadon Hills Free South Tyneside Visitor Guide 2017

The Famous Five

As you’re out and about exploring all South Tyneside has to offer, don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for these five fabulous local landmarks.

Cleadon Windmill. Whether or not you buy into the ghost stories, make sure you see this 200-year-old ruined windmill as you’re exploring Cleadon Hills.

Souter Lighthouse. The first lighthouse in the world designed and built to be powered by electricity is not only a marvel of engineering – you’ll love the views from the top.

Marsden Rock. One of the most recognisable sights on this beautiful stretch of coast, this towering rock formation in Marsden Bay is home to a significant seabird colony.

The Eye. Among the most iconic of South Tyneside’s outstanding selection of public art, make sure you peer through The Eye for stunning views of the pier and the sea.

Hebburn Central. This £13 million development, which includes swimming pools, sports and dance halls, a library and cafe, has picked up national awards for its impact on the community since opening two years ago, and its architecture is truly striking.

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Free South Tyneside Visitor Guide 2017

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